A good mattress – a good night’s sleep

We don’t often think about this, but if we sleep on average for 7-8 hours each night, that is a nearly a third of our life.  A big chunk when you put it that way.  So our bed must contribute a lot to the quality of our sleep and our lifestyle.  We all know that if we aren’t comfortable in our bed, it takes a while to fall asleep and can lead to a restless sleep as well.

Start asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your mattress provide the support you need? (Think about your lifestyle and your age – are you active? are you still growing?)
  • Are you restless during sleep (e.g. tossing and turning – ask your partner!)
  • Do you wake with back or neck ache?
  • Do you sleep better, or worse, when you sleep away from home?
  • Are you comfortable on your mattress?
  • Does it take you a long time to get to sleep?

The team at Clarks know how important it is to ensure that if you are considering buying a new mattress, you need to choose a mattress that is comfortable and supports your body.