Ivanhoe, Victoria

‘Looking for a furniture removalist in the Grampians area, I sent emails to quite a few businesses requesting a quote, and within an hour I received a form to fill in from Clarks.  Response from other businesses were very non-caring, open ended, with hourly rates and petrol rates and at worst just a computer response to say it had been received.

My shift was quite complex, involving 3 properties and with an elevated removal site.  Llew came to the property to view the furniture and the site and I was given an all-inclusive quote.

At the pick-up and delivery the men were excellent, very pleasant, efficient and took great care in shifting and positioning the furniture

Overall, I didn’t have any worries and no hidden costs

I was very happy to support a local business and the team are very professional and efficient.

They can be very proud of Clarks and I would wholeheartedly recommend them for a carefree shift.’

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